Growing in Wisdom and Favor

Our wisdom is a guide for life.

Lifting Our Voices

We have the grace to speak our truth.

An Uplifted Soul

We nurture ourselves by knowing what we love.

Filled with Flavor

We can choose to delight in our own lives.

Say It True

Integrity is a hallmark of spiritual maturity.

Ask, Seek, and Claim

We can choose which open doors to walk through.

Hope in Another Beginning

Together, we find hope in a brighter future.

Faithful in Our Course

Faith guides us through uncertainty and doubt.

Cultivate and Grow

We can cultivate our lives all year long.

All on Faith:

All on God:



Prayer to Establish Peace

Prayer to Establish Peace

On this Epiphany, the day when the presence of wisdom honors the presence of peace, we hold to the Truth that the divine essence of all God is resides with us and within us. We vow, in the spirit of justice and goodwill embodied by the spiritual sages of all faiths,...

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Prayer for a New Year

Prayer for a New Year

As we step into this New Year, we are ready to hand the old year over, to hand over the pain, hand over the hardship, hand over the struggles. As we step into this New Year, we are ready to embrace a new kind of life, letting the old life go, blessing it for what it...

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