Discerning Our True Place

Even in imperfect conditions, we can discover our true place.

You Gotta Believe

Our beliefs can direct our journey.

Alive Again

We have the power to renew our lives.

What Say You?

How we live our faith speaks volumes.

A Prophet Among Us

One voice can lift so many others.

Know What Prayer Can Do

Prayer changes us.

What Matters Most

Faith lets us see the way.

A Compassionate Teammate

Compassion moves us from surviving to thriving.

Prayer for Continuing the Journey

On the cusp of a new season, we can move ahead.

Growing in Wisdom and Favor

Our wisdom is a guide for life.

All on Faith:

All on God:



Prayer to Establish Peace

Prayer to Establish Peace

On this Epiphany, the day when the presence of wisdom honors the presence of peace, we hold to the Truth that the divine essence of all God is resides with us and within us. We vow, in the spirit of justice and goodwill embodied by the spiritual sages of all faiths,...

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