It takes courage to rise.
To release our own will.
To abandon what could be, especially our ideals.
To relinquish the self-righteous indignation of being right.
To discard the shame of being less than our true selves.
To mourn the bridge burned, building collapsed, road dissolved.
To admit that we still have lots to learn.
To know we could listen more deeply, more fully,
To the Divine, ourselves, one another.

Surrendering everything is like death,
A dive into an abyss we imagine is the end.

Like lying in a tomb,
We wait in the unknown,
Wondering whether death will have the last word.

Then, throughout the Universe, Spirit speaks,
A whispered voice we hear beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“Arise, Anointed One,
And live again.”

Then, we shed the shrouds we sometimes wore willingly,
The ones we choose,
The ones they gave us.

We roll away the stone and walk into dawn.
A new road reveals itself beneath our feet,
And we see another way.

When they come to bury us,
We’ll be long gone,
Grounded in radiance,
Risen into glory.

© 2023 – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks – All rights reserved.

Photo by tolotola from Shutterstock.

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