{Note to the One Praying: Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit or stand; outdoors, in clean, fresh air is ideal.  Remember to breathe consciously, aware of both inhaling and exhaling, as deep into your body as you can.  Wherever your body needs healing and comfort, gently rest your hands on those places.  Also, if it feels comfortable, you can gently rest your hands on your heart or belly, or one hand on each.}

Today, I affirm the Power and Presence of God, Divine Creator of all things, which created me in love and continues to love me into being.

Today, I breathe deeply the divine breath of God, the divine breath of life, allowing that breath to flow into every cell, every fiber, every organ, every vein of my being, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  

I breathe deeply this divine breath of God and feel it flowing through me now.  I allow this divine breath to fill me, to comfort me, to heal me, to energize me, and to revive me.

Today, as I allow this divine breath to do its wondrous work within my body, I also allow it to do its wondrous work within all aspects of my life.  

So, I release and let go of anything and everything which no longer serves my best.  

As I breathe deeply this divine breath of God, I bless whatever I am releasing for what it was.  I breath it out and let it go.  It dissolves into the universe and frees me to be who I truly am.

Today, as I feel the divine breath of God moving in, around, and through me, I give thanks in advance for all which is yet to unfold for me, to unfold as me, and to unfold through me.  

To have reached this time and place in my life, for all which I have learned, and for all the wonder and joy which is yet to be, I am truly grateful.  

I affirm: I am healed, I am whole, I am holy, and I am well.

And so it is.  And so I allow it to be.  Thank You, God!  

© 2021 – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks – All rights reserved.

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