“The disciples spoke privately to Jesus and asked, ‘Why couldn’t we heal the boy?

“‘Because you have so little faith,’ Jesus said. ‘For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain move from here to there, and nothing will be impossible for you.’”

Matthew 17:19-20

Notes for Contemplation as You Use this Devotional:

  • This short passage from the Gospel Writer called Matthew is often titled “The Power of Faith.”  It directly follows Jesus’s healing of a possessed boy the disciples cannot heal.
  • Jesus and many other spiritual masters advise that we hold faith first with God, second with ourselves, then with specific people and things.
  • Remember that Jesus had absolute faith in God and did not act without turning to God first.  His actions, as do ours, indicate our level of faith.
  • We never need to pray for more faith because, like love, our faith is unlimited; we already have all we ever need within us.  And our life-long, daily work is to continue activating, directing, and renewing that faith.
  • Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla, authors of The Simple Truth and The Quest remind us: “Faith begins with centering on God within you.  If you sincerely long to experience the presence of God, if you are centered in God, then you can have complete faith that your life will be lifted to a new level.”

Contemplation Questions:

Ask yourself:

  • When I consider my life now, where am I directing my faith?
    • List, word map, or illustrate all which applies.  You may want to create categories for this, such as health, home, occupation, relationships, spiritual practices, etc.
  • When I review my faith’s direction, am I going the way I truly desire? 
    • Note “Yes,” “No,” and/or “Unsure,” as appropriate.
  • When I consider the metaphor of moving mountains, what is/are the current mountain(s) in my life?
    • Name them.
    • How much am I allowing these mountains to be the boundary of my faith?
      • Describe your outlook, especially the ways it may be limited or expansive.
    • Am I open to receive?
    • Am I open to release what no longer serves me?
    • Am I focused on how well-being, success, healing, etc., look for me?
    • Am I constantly worried and doubtful, focusing more on what does not work, rather than on what does?
  • What am I doing to center myself on the presence of God within me?
    • List, word map, or illustrate all which applies.
  • When I contemplate all my answers, how do I truly want my life to be?
    • List, word map, and/or illustrate anything that feels enlivening, freeing, and healing for you.
  • Am I willing to grow myself and my God consciousness to reach this new experience?
    • If yes, even if it is one (1) baby step, what steps am I willing to take to redirect my faith?
      • List, word map, or illustrate as many steps as you can imagine.

Be courageous as you work this devotional, literally imagining that you are stepping out in faith in whatever way fits your life now.  If in doubt, remember: We cannot be fearful and faithful at the same time.  Know that you are a divine, beloved child of God and know that your divinity, like Jesus’s, allows you to choose your best steps and to express the truth of who you are.  

© 2021 – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks – All rights reserved.

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