After Jesus healed a girl, two blind men followed him, shouting, “Have compassion on us, Son of David!”   As Jesus entered the house where he was staying, the blind men came to him, and Jesus asked, “Do you believe that I can do this?”

“Yes, Lord,” they answered.  Then Jesus touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith, let it be done to you.”

Matthew 9:27-29


Notes for Contemplation as You Use this Devotional:

  • This passage from the Gospel Writer Called Matthew is often titled “Jesus Heals the Blind.” Not only does this encourage you to believe in Jesus’s healing works, but to believe that you can have a clearer vision for your life.
  • Faith is always available, like an endless stream flowing within you. So, you don’t need to pray to have more. You just need to put your faith to work.
  • Faith allows you to live from the depths of your being and be who you really are as one of God’s divine beloveds. With faith, you can express this divinity in whatever ways are unique to you. This makes it safe for you to be real, not waste your precious time and energy imitating anyone else.
  • Faith always works as you direct it, so according to your faith, your life unfolds. But faith isn’t a magic wand in your spiritual tool box. It’s a constant inner resource which helps you intuit and discern what is best for you and your life.
  • Because you have the power to direct your faith, faith works best when directed toward positive opportunities and abilities which resonate deeply within your soul.
  • Faith is an element of Advent, the contemplative season which prepares us for Christmas. But even if Advent isn’t part of your spiritual practice, you can still appreciate the depth of faith within you and use it to transform your life.
  • Demonstration is the evidence you can see of what is or isn’t working. You demonstrate your faith based on your beliefs because we all live from the inside out, whether or not we know it. So, if you believe that you’re limited in some way, then your faith is directed at limitation and you likely demonstrate lack.  But if you believe that you live in the flow of God’s infinite supply, then your faith is directed toward possibility and you likely demonstrate abundance.

Contemplation Questions:

As you reflect on your life and circumstances, ask yourself:

  • What am I demonstrating in my life now?
    • List, word map, or illustrate as much as you can, whether positive or negative.
  • When I contemplate what I’m demonstrating, what does that tell me about the direction of my faith?
    • List, word map, or illustrate as much as you can.
  • What, if anything, am I blind to (can’t see)?
    • List, word map, or illustrate as much as applies.
  • In what ways am I limiting myself?
    • List, word map, or illustrate whatever the limitations are.
  • In what ways can my faith help me see more clearly and gain a fresh perspective?
    • List, word map, or illustrate as much as you can.
  • What are at least three (3) ways that I’m open to using my strongest abilities for my well-being and fulfillment?
    • List, word map, or illustrate as much as you can imagine.
  • As I contemplate all my answers, what feels real for me?
    • List, word map, or illustrate all which applies.

Use this devotional anytime you want to embrace more of the faith within you.   Have faith that if something isn’t working in your life, you have the power within you to change it.  Trust your intuition to help you see clearly and know what feels real.  Even if your vision isn’t fully clear yet, remain faithful.  Affirm: “My eyes are open.  My vision is clear and faith guides my way.  It’s safe for me to be who I really am!”

© 2022 – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks – All rights reserved.

Photo by YDP from Shutterstock.

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