“Remember that both history and destiny are on your side.  All the stars in their course are supporting you.  Go out with the attitude that God is with us and we have cosmic companionship.”

— Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From “A Creative Protest,” February 16, 1960

Notes for Contemplation as You Use this Devotional:

  • God is often described as Divine Creator of all things, with us, within us, and in the midst of all that occurs in our lives.
  • Many spiritual masters, including Rev. Dr. King, believe that they have a sacred companionship, or connection, with God.
  • Rev. Dr. King’s “A Creative Protest” address to students in Durham, N.C., later printed as a pamphlet, encouraged them to remain faithful to their cause and continue using nonviolence for spiritual social action. 

Contemplation Questions:

  • How do I feel when I consider Rev. Dr. King’s encouragement?  
    • List as many feelings as you can, noting that some feelings may seem contradictory, like being scared as well as excited.
  • How do I feel when I consider my “cosmic companionship with God”?
    • Describe what that means, noting as many feelings as you can.
  • How does this change my thoughts about God and God’s infinitely compassionate, unconditionally loving presence in my life?
  • How might these changes of mind support me in being more assured, courageous, and/or faithful in something I want to do? 
    • List at least three (3) ideas, and continue adding to the list as your faith deepens.

Take as much time as you need to contemplate Rev. Dr. King’s words, honor your feelings, and allow divine ideas to unfold.  Use this devotional as a log of your own faithful actions, activities and successes, no matter how small.

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