For many people, an abundant life means doing lots and striving for more.  Yet, the rewards these people desire are often elusive because they miss a key aspect of an abundance mindset: That when nothing appears to be happening, something still is.

To truly enjoy an abundant life, we must expand prosperity’s definition beyond money, possessions, and status to include energy, opportunity, and time.  Many farmers understand this.  They know, for example, that continual planting depletes soil’s nutrients, so they don’t force nature.  Instead, they leave some land uncultivated, planning for an abundant crop by letting a field go fallow.  They trust that as the ground rests, it’s being renewed for future planting.

This is how our renewal can work, too.  When we rest, we trust that we’re being revitalized, even though we seem to accomplish nothing.  We let Holy Spirit, the Divine Activity of God, do its work within us, just as nature does its wondrous work deep within the earth.

In addition, rest lets us be both strong and vulnerable, able to lift our own weight without carrying the whole world on our backs.  It honors our divinity, so we thrive as sacred human beings, rather than struggle as robotic human doings.

Furthermore, choosing to rest is an act of faith.  Especially if we feel stuck or tired, letting a project or situation lie fallow means that we don’t drain ourselves of our last ounce of energy or push past our limits.  We stop trying to influence everyone, follow all the trends, or have the last word.  We appreciate that things take as long as they take, while still affirming best outcome.

For me, when words don’t fit or a message is fuzzy, I know the best I can do is rest.  I focus on the big picture, discerning what’s imperative so I manage deadlines without stressing.  Sometimes this means sleeping on an idea before I discuss it, or drafting a reply and waiting to post.

As you contemplate prosperity, Blessed Reader, know that your abundance lies in your rest.  Trust that time is on your side.  Nurture yourself with stillness and peace, even if it’s only for an hour.  Let your soul be renewed and have faith in your new season of planting.

© 2022 – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks – All rights reserved.
Photo by Andre Nery from Shutterstock.

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