“Get wisdom, and whatever else you do, get insight.  If you prize wisdom, it will exalt and honor you.  It will crown you with a garland of grace and glory.”

Proverbs 4:7-9


Notes for Contemplation as You Use this Devotional:

  • This passage from the Book of Proverbs is sometimes titled, “A Parent’s Instruction.” It encourages us to gain wisdom from the experience of our elders, sometimes called sages.
  • The Book of Proverbs is treasured because of its universal wisdom. Enjoy it as an ancient “Do-This-Not-That” compendium still applicable to our 21st century lives.
  • Sages are those who impart the wisdom of experience and usually lead by positive example. To follow sage wisdom means to avoid inevitable pitfalls and mistakes. This wisdom becomes a gift when it is shared, especially as a legacy from generation to generation.
  • Pursuing or gaining wisdom isn’t merely an intellectual exercise. As we learn from experience, we also can overcome fear about the unknown and face uncertainty with greater assurance.
  • While this proverb can suggest that we acquire and value worldly knowledge, it also invites us to trust and follow our intuition.
  • Intuition (also called insight or inner wisdom) is always our crowning glory because it’s our still, small voice, the Presence of God, speaking to us. It helps us discern whatever is best for our lives, even when our intellect might tell us otherwise.
  • Sometimes, we discover the power of intuition when we don’t heed its guidance. For example, we could be driving to work, headed for the highway and have a sense that we should take back roads instead. Perhaps we ponder this idea, when our intellect says, “Don’t be silly.  The highway is faster.”  So, we ignore our intuition, get on the highway, and discover a five-mile traffic jam.  But the next time we feel intuitive guidance, we follow it.  We don’t want to be stuck in traffic again, or whatever its equivalent is.
  • Further, imagine that same highway. As soon as we realize that we could have taken a different route, we still can follow our intuition. Then, we can exit as soon as possible and go another way.  This is grace: recognizing our mistake, re-aligning ourselves with Spirit, and letting intuition lead.

Contemplation Questions:

As you reflect on your life and circumstances, ask yourself:

  • What tried-and-true wisdom do I always follow?
    • No matter how basic or insignificant it may seem, list, word map, or illustrate all your go-to wisdom.
  • When I contemplate the wisdom others have shared with me, what has inspired me most?
    • List, word map, or illustrate everything which inspires you.
    • Then, note which was based on intelligence and which on intuition.
  • When I reflect on a great failure or mistake, what valuable wisdom did I discover?
    • List, word map, or illustrate everything you discovered.
  • When I reflect on a great failure or mistake, what was my intuition, not my intelligence, telling me?
    • Without analysis or judgment about what you did or didn’t do, list, word map, or illustrate as much as you remember.
  • When I reflect on a great success or achievement, how did I trust my intuition and let it guide me?
    • Without analysis or judgment about what you did or didn’t do, list, word map, or illustrate as much as you remember.
  • When I contemplate sharing my wisdom, who are at least three (3) people I can inspire to trust their own intuition?
    • List, word map, or illustrate who they are.
    • Then, note what you’ll do to connect with them.

Intuition is our connection with the wisdom of the Universe.  It always leads us in ways which are life-affirming and beneficial.  It can appear quickly, like a flash of information, a feeling in our body, or a calm realization.

As you work with this devotional, remember that intuition loses its power with analysis.  So, don’t force anything you want to discern or berate yourself for anything you chose in the past.  Know that you did the best you could then and that you can choose differently now.  Allow your glorious intuition to guide you and wear it proudly as your crown of grace.

© 2022 – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks – All rights reserved.
Photo from Shutterstock by Scorpp.

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