“A man named Lazarus was sick.  He lived in Bethany with his sisters, Martha and Mary, the same Mary who later pours perfume on Jesus’s feet and wipes them with her hair.  So, the sisters sent Jesus a message saying, “Lord, your dear friend is very sick.”

But when Jesus heard about it, he said, “Lazarus’s sickness will not end in death, but has occurred so that the Son of God may be recognized.” 

And although Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, he stayed where he was for the next two days.”

John 11:1-6


Notes for Contemplation as You Use this Devotional:

  • This passage begins the story by the Gospel Writer called John about the raising of Lazarus. To fully appreciate how it applies to our lives, it is best read from a mystical, metaphysical perspective.
  • The story’s main character is Jesus, who represents the Christ, the anointed self within us, the truth of who we really are.No matter what is occurring in our lives, each of us can live and express the Christ of our being.
  • Jesus is a Master Teacher and Wayshower because he lives so fully from his God Consciousness, always aligning himself with God before he acts.
  • In the story, Lazarus represents a difficulty or challenge which often has us feeling trapped or stuck.
  • Yet, we can be freed from the challenge, if we’re willing to turn our attention away from it. Jesus does this when he hears that Lazarus is sick. He chooses not to react with upset or fear.  Neither does he immediately rush to console Martha and Mary, who represent the part of us ready to receive support or help.
  • As Former Directors of Unity Prayer Ministry Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla teach in The Lazarus Blueprint: Ancient Secrets for Healing and Inner Peace, “Hoping to find a solution to a problem from the level of the problem is a dead end” (p. 22). So, by turning away, we send “a critical message to our subconscious mind: . . . My situation is manageable. I can deal with it (p. 24).
  • As soon as we turn away from troubles and turn toward God, we discover the grace to transform our lives.
  • As the Jafollas also remind us, a creative intelligence, the Spirit of Life, is awakening deep within us and “knows not only what to do, but also how to do it. This power can heal, can harmonize, and bring peace back into your life. It all begins by turning away and trusting” (p. 41).


Contemplation Questions:

As you reflect on your life and circumstances, ask yourself:

  • What is one (1) troublesome or challenging situation I want to overcome?
    • List, word map, or illustrate whatever it is.
  • What are my worries and thoughts about this situation?
    • Like doing a brain dump, without analysis or judgment, list, word map, or illustrate whatever the worries and thoughts are.
  • When I consider the worries and thoughts, what about the situation can I truly control or adapt?
    • Highlight or circle whatever applies.
    • Then, X out everything else. As you do, affirm for each item: “I cannot change or control you, so I now free myself and let you go.”
  • Among those things which I can control or adapt, what are at least three (3) positive, constructive thoughts which help me reframe the situation?
    • List, word map, or illustrate as many new thoughts as you can.
  • What are at least three (3) positive, enjoyable, constructive things I can do instead of worrying, thinking, or talking about the situation?
    • List, word map, or illustrate as many as you can imagine.
    • Then, begin doing them as much as you can.
  • How can I trust that the Spirit of Life is already at work on this situation and in my life?
    • List, word map, or illustrate as much as you can imagine.


As you use this devotional, remember: The Spirit of Life is alive within us and always working for our best.  So, anytime your mind tries to focus on the challenge, gently tell yourself: “I am in charge of my thoughts.  I turn away and do not dwell on this now.  The Spirit of Life is already doing its wondrous works, and I let this be my Truth.”


© 2022 – Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks – All rights reserved.

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