Jesus taught: “When you pray, do not speak a flood of empty words, as some do.  They think that by saying many words they will be heard.  Do not be like them, because God knows what you need before you ask.”

Matthew 6:7-8  

Notes for Contemplation as You Use this Devotional:

  • This passage in “The Sermon on the Mount,” by the Gospel Writer called Matthew, is sometimes titled, “Proper Prayer.”
  • No matter what Jesus was doing, he always took time to pray.
  • We truly realize answered prayer once we acknowledge our feelings and have faith in the best outcome for us or the situation.
  • Remember that we are not praying to change God or give God directions on how to steer the Universe.  We are praying to change ourselves.

Contemplation Questions:

Ask yourself:

  • What are my main prayers at this point in my life?
    • List or word-map at least three (3) things which come to mind immediately, without concern about how perfect the prayer sounds.  It is fine to say, “I want” or “I need.”
  • When I consider those prayers:
    • What do I believe about them?  
      • Note the specific beliefs.
      • Am I completely faithful that God knows what I need and /or that God’s will is unfolding in all situations, relationships, and/or circumstances?  
      • Or am I trying to force my will on things and make something happen?  
      • How does my body feel as I consider my answers?
    • What am I willing to release to God, for the highest and best outcome?
  • Note as much as applies.
    • Without begging or beseeching, what can I do to act on my own behalf and/or what steps can I take to demonstrate what I desire?
  • Note as much as applies.
    • If any of my prayers do not seem to be answered as I want, what can I do to feel some peace of mind now?
  • Who is at least one (1) person to assist, encourage, and support me in seeing my prayers answered?
    • What will I do to connect with them?
  • Who is at least one (1) person who can be my prayer partner and with whom I can prayer at least once a week?
  • What are at least three (3) things I can do to create my own richer, sacred prayer time and space?
    • Note all which feels most comfortable for you.

Use this devotional as often as you like to contemplate your prayers and deepen your prayer practice.  Remember that all prayers are answered, although we may not see the answers revealed exactly as we imagine.  When we are willing to let go and let God, especially in prayer, that is often when we experience our “Ah-Ha Moments.”

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