Today, we affirm the Power and Presence of God, Divine Creator of all things, which created us in love and continues to love us into being.

Today, we open ourselves more fully to experience this awesome Power and Presence in our lives, 
as we listen to the still, small voice within us, 
as we hear the whisper of assurance, 
as we know the clarity of discernment, 
as we feel the guidance of faith, 
as we allow ourselves to follow the divine direction which guides us continually on the journey which is our lives.

Today, we consider 
what is ours to do, 
what tugs on our heartstrings,
what inspires us, 
what uplifts us, 
and what nourishes us, 
so we can follow the way of Spirit, the way which is truly ours, to inspire, uplift, and nourish others, too.  

For the wisdom, strength, and courage, to see our journey through, we are truly grateful.  And for this, and so much more we say:

Thank You, God!  Amen.

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