“Simply, let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and let your ‘No’ be ‘No.’  

Anything less is untruthful.”

— Matthew 5:37

Notes for Contemplation as You Use this Devotional:

  • Jesus teaches throughout the Gospels that integrity of word and deed is a hallmark of spiritual maturity.
  • He also teaches that God is the Source of all we need, including our inner guidance, which we may hear as our still, small voice. 
  • Intuition and quiet discernment are often the best ways we know what is true and genuine for us.

Contemplation Questions:

  • Consider any ways you have been dishonest or out of integrity about your feelings.  
    • Ask yourself: What do I feel?
      • List all the feelings.
    • Ask yourself: How am I denying my own truth?
      • List all the ways.
  • When I consider my list of feelings, what do they tell me?
    • Write these as clearly as you can, taking as much time as you need to hear your own still, small voice.
  • When I consider the ways I deny my truth, how have I allowed another’s opinions or judgments to sway my choices and decisions?
    • Write the ways.
  • Notice any “shoulding” you do to yourself.  
    • Ask yourself: 
      • Am I trying to justify something I believe I “shouldn’t” feel, say, or do because it might be difficult, cause conflict, displease someone, or wouldn’t look “good”?
      • Am I claiming someone else’s responsibility?
      • Have I agreed to do something that isn’t mine to do?
  • Based on my answers above and my clarity about my “Yes’s” and “No’s,” how do I want to express my realizations, insights, and feelings so I am honest with myself and others?
    • List as many ways as comes to mind.  This can include everything from leaving an unhealthy relationship to resigning from a committee.

Take as much time as you need to contemplate your feelings, truths, “Yes’s” and “No’s.”  

Remember as you work this devotional: You do not owe others detailed explanations and justifications for your choices.  You can say goodbye graciously without blaming, condemning, or making anyone else “wrong.”  Sometimes, a simple, “This doesn’t work for me after all” or “I can’t devote the time that this deserves now,” says it all.

Save this devotional to remind you of your growing spiritual maturity and use it anytime you want to feel more confident in speaking your truth.

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